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Pest Control Services

With over a decade solving pest issues, our company is large enough to get the job done, yet small enough to remain focused on the details. At Bug Patrol, we pride ourselves in being your expert and your partner to provide you with pest control solutions all through the Midwest.

One Stop Shop

One stop shop for all property extermination services.

Discounted Rates

Annual contracts available for discounted rates.

Fast Turnaround

Remediation of pests begins on day 1 of the visit

Trained and Licensed

All Technicians fully trained and licensed by the state.

Pest Identification

Click here to learn more about the rodents and insects found in our service area. Our quick reference guide can help you learn more about the pest issues you might be facing. As always, feel free to contact us to dispatch a licensed service technician for proper identification


Contact Us

To get immediate assistance with any of your pest questions, please call us at 855-614-BUGS.

Contact us using the form below:
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