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Places We Service

Proudly servicing thousands of locations throughout the Midwest. Bug Patrol has the expertise necessary to protect your home and business from uninvited pests. With over a decade eliminating pest activity in people’s homes, we are the trusted choice.

Modern Living Room

Property Management

Providing a safe and pest free environment for your residents is necessary to keep apartments occupied. Bug Patrol can help in that process! With our licensed operators and our years of experience in the industry, we can prevent pests from becoming a problem in your communities.


Having pests in your kitchen or dining area is a recipe for disaster. All it takes is one pest sighting in your restaurant to stir up negative reviews and damage your reputation. But with our quality pest control, you'll never need to worry about pests driving away your customers.

Empty Restaurant
Image by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd.


Don’t let the bed bugs bite, or any other pests for that matter! To help keep pests like bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, and other common business-invading pests out of your establishment and your customers happy, invest in our ongoing pest control for your hotel or motel.


  • One stop shop for all property extermination services.

  • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly preventative services available with bed bug inspections included free of charge.

  • Annual contracts available for discounted rates.

  • Remediation of pests begins on day 1 of the visit, no lengthy quoting / sales process to go through.

  • One fee bed bug remediation pricing for multiple step process.

  • 90 day Bed bug remediation warranty for no additional cost.

  • Rodent and Roach control programs.

  • Rodent building exclusion work performed.

  • Roach fogging for difficult units / homes available.

  • Property-wide inspections typically free of charge if Bug Patrol performs the services identified.

  • Midwestern US states serviced.

  • Dedicated Technicians and Scheduling Assistants who learn the needs, types and personnel of all customers.

  • All Technicians fulling trained and licensed by the state.

  • Affordable and effective service provision than available in today’s market.

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